Ondo state council election 2020 – violence recorded, PDP condemn the exercise

Ondo state council election 2020 – violence recoded, PDP condemn the exercise

Ondo state council election 2020 – violence recoded, PDP condemn the exercise

Ondo state council election 2020 news coming in has reported cases of violence occurring in some polling centers during the Ondo State local government elections.

Cases of ballot box snatching was reported in some part of Akure in Ondo state especially in Unit 19, Ward 04 in Omolere area of Akure.

Mrs. Aderemi, the women leader of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), made the allegation that the disdainful act of ballot box snatching was perpetrated by the agents of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

According to Mrs. Aderemi “…a known political thug snatched the ballot box when it became clear that the SDP was leading in the election” she alleged.

It will be recalled that Ondo state council election news has been characterized with similar allegations in the past elections.

Mrs. Aderemi further alleged that some stalwart of the ruling party in the state, APC, made attempts to bribe the leaders of the SDP with N30,000 each which they resisted.

Meanwhile, the major opposition party in the Ondo state, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), council election has opined that the whole exercise is a charade.

This was said in a statement released by the party in a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Mr. Kennedy Ikantu Peretei, who claimed that was the reason why the party boycott the election to avoid crisis.

He disclosed that his party is right to have boycotted Ondo state council election as the action of Ondo State Independent Electoral Council (ODIEC) has proven that the body is incapable of conducting credible election in the state.

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“We have been vindicated by all the actions of ODIEC and its Pay Masters as incapable of conducting free and fair election. They should go ahead and announce the election results as previously compiled in all the wards and Local Government Areas.

“ODIEC has not only failed the people of Ondo State but also has disappointed the masses. The commission should be disbanded as a matter of urgency, because their outing is not onl

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