Nexit Portal for Npower Beneficiaries - All Issues Resolved 2021

Nexit Portal for Npower Beneficiaries - All Issues Resolved 2021. Here are the solution to all issues of you have on Nexit Portal

Nexit Portal for Npower Beneficiaries - All Issues Resolved 2021
Nexit Portal for Npower Beneficiaries - All Issues Resolved 2021

Nexit Portal for Npower Beneficiaries - All Issues Resolved 2021. We understand the rigour that a lot of Npower Batch A and B beneficiaries have been facing regarding the registration and update of their record on Nexit portal and we have gone this far to provide assistance in our own little way. Find all the issues you might be having on Nexit Portal and how it could be resolved here.

Nexit Portal for Npower Beneficiaries – What is it all about?

Nexit Portal for Npower beneficiaries was launched by the CBN in collaboration with Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development with the aim of providing a successful transition of Npower Batch A and B into the next phase of life.

The Nexit Portal for the Npower beneficiaries is to aid the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in determining the eligibility of a potential beneficiary suitable for CBN CBN support options ranging from financial aid and loans to. This was confirmed by the minister of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development, Sadiya Farouq.

The minister said:

“Plans have been concluded for the transition of the N-power Batch A and B through the creation of the NEXIT portal, which would allow those who choose to sign up to access other government empowerment opportunities.

“A beneficiary management system for the NSIPs is expected to be deployed in 2021. It would have the capacity to manage payments, address grievances and improve dissemination of information.”

Nexit Portal for Npower Beneficiaries – Is the portal still open?

Npower 2020 NEXIT Portal is still open and you can apply online. The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs has announced that all past beneficiaries of the Npower programme are eligible to apply.

Till date, a lot of Batch A and Batch B beneficiaries have not been able to properly register on the Nexit Portal and even those and even those who are through with their registration are yet to update their information correctly to give them chance of benefiting from the government empowerment opportunities.

Nexit Portal for Npower Beneficiaries -  How can I register through Portal?

To benefit from various goodies promised through the Nexit Portal 2020, you can follow Nexit Portal link.

Once you are on the official Nexit Portal, then you can

•        Email Address: Filling your email. Make sure it is the same mail you have on your Npoer profile page.

•        Password: Create a strong password and ensure you can remember your password for further use.

•        First Name: Indicate your first name in the field provided and make sure you cross check with prior information you had in your Npower profile page

•        Surname: Repeat the same process in the previous step

•        BVN: Supply your BVN details as required

•        Then tick the agreement box.

Once these steps are complete, you will be redirected to the login page, then you can login and fill all other details as required.

Nexit Portal for Npower Beneficiaries - How Can I fix Email Related / Login Issues?

Alot of users of Nexit Portal for Npower Beneficiaries found out to their

dispmay that the have forgorten their login details at one poit or the other

and login in since then has been very difficult. Fixing this has now been made


The reason for this could that NSIP deal with large volume of data from the beneficaiaries and partner agencies

and the need to maintain the database. For what it worth, the most obvious way is to send help email to or


This is due to statement released by the NSIP team which reads:

Dear Batch A & B Beneficiary,

We are reaching out to address your inability to register into the NEXIT portal.

You are hereby requested to update your record. Please send the following: First Name, Surname, BVN, Current Address to

Thank you.

NSIP Team.

Nexit Portal for Npower Benefiaiaries – How Do I Know My Application Status?

Now, we want to believe you have all it takes to take advantage of all the goodies that Nexit Portal has to offer all the Npower beneficiaries concerned but we also believed that the you should be able to check your application status for the program so as to be sure whether you have been selected for the empowerment as planned by the CBN. To check your application status, do the following:

Go to the official portal and login, Upon successful login, go to "Check exit status" to know your application update. Although at the moment, we do not think the team has commenced the selection process.

Conslusion, We believed that by now, so should you be having login or registration issues regarding Nexit Portal for Npower beneficiaries, please follow the above steps or leave a comment so we can profess current solution. You can also follows us or subscribe for our newsletter to be regularly updated on the current Npower program development.